Bentley Continental GT Supersports 2017

Bentley has launched the world’s fastest four-seat car

Bentley Continental GT Supersports 2017Bentley has revealed a new Continental GT Supersports model that will do 209mph and accelerate from 0-60mph in just 3.4 seconds – and because it has four adult-sized seats, this makes it the fastest four-seater the world has ever seen. And the fastest-accelerating Bentley ever.

That’s for the coupe model: the Continental Supersports Convertible is also rapid, with its 205mph max speed making it the fastest four-seat soft-top on the planet. Brave pills for those sitting in the back are optional.

The Continental Supersports is the new range-topper for Bentley’s long-running GT car, aimed at giving the range a fillip as its years advance (a new one is due next year). And what a fillip: the monster 6.0-litre W12 engine has, for example, been tuned up to 710hp, and now delivers a whopping 750lb-ft of torque.

Big new turbos create more boost and deliver the extra 80hp – and because it’s now so potent, Bentley’s had to uprate the engine’s innards to cope, with a new cranktrain including specced-up main and conrod bearings. Is it any wonder, when pulling power is now up by a staggering 160lb-ft? That’s more than many family hatchbacks produce overall…

Bentley Continental GT Supersports 2017

Other record-breaking details include the largest front brake discs fitted to any car in the world, made from carbon ceramic to haul the big, heavy Bentley down from such colossal speeds. Wheels are massive 21-inch forged rims: together with the brakes, they save 5kg per corner. For another drop-in-the-ocean weight-saving, you can spend big on a titanium exhaust to cut 5kg from the car’s mass.

Even so, says Bentley, it’s the lightest iteration of the current Conti GT yet launched.

The previous limited-run racing-inspired GT3-R is to date the most dynamic Conti GT ever. Bentley’s hoping this new Supersports will take over – by fitting some of the tech from the GT3-R, including its special torque vectoring system.

Suspension has been lowered and stiffened (but not so much as to spoil the ride), the stability control is less intrusive and the all-wheel drive can vary drive front-to-rear but has a rearwards bias in normal mode.

Spotting the new Continental GT Supersports

Bentley Continental GT Supersports 2017

There should be no missing the potent new Supersports. Bentley’s fitted new front and rear bumpers that feature carbon fibre splitters and diffusers, side sill extensions and a set of carbon fibre bonnet vents. The lights have a dark tint and all the brightwork has a black finish.

The spoiler you see here is optional, as is the extended front splitter. Bentley says it boosts the aerodynamic balance of the car, so sounds like a must-fit to us. Less essential is the gloss-finish carbon fibre engine cover. We’d pass on the optional side decals too.

Bentley Continental GT Supersports 2017

Inside, Bentley’s created some unique tri-colour upholstery choices for the diamond-quilted seats. There’s Supersports branding aplenty, including all the seat head restraints, and among the 10 trim veneers is a carbon fibre option. That’s just the starting point, says Bentley: hand it over to its Mulliner division and the world’s your oyster.

The new cars go on sale in April, but they won’t be cheap. The Continental GT Supersports will cost £212,500, with the Convertible priced at £233,800. What price a record-breaking car though, huh?

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