Land Rover Discovery Bear Grylls

Why did Bear Grylls jump out of a plane for Land Rover?

Land Rover Discovery Bear GryllsBear Grylls has jumped out of a plane with the Royal Navy Parachute Display Team to showcase the new Land Rover Discovery’s remote seat-fold technology.

Using an iPhone app, Grylls configured the seats in a new Discovery on the ground while mid-air – successfully changing the seating layout before he had to deploy his parachute.

Land Rover Discovery Bear Grylls

The stunt showcased the new seven-seat Discovery’s world-first intelligent seat fold technology, which uses the Land Rover InControl Remote smartphone app to configure seating layouts from anywhere there’s a mobile connection. It works on both iOS and Android smartphones.

“For the remote function to work while we are freefalling from a plane is pretty cool,” said Grylls.

Land Rover Discovery Bear Grylls

“I’m not sure many people will be using it in such a manner, but the technology to operate the car remotely in this way will undoubtedly be a real winner for busy families who want to be prepared.”

Land Rover Discovery chief engineer Alex Heslop said it was a unique feature for the new model but admitted owners will more likely “change the seating while doing things like queuing with their shopping”. Even so, he reckoned it’s a “milestone in convenience”.

Land Rover Discovery Bear Grylls

If configurating the two rear seats via a smartphone app isn’t enough, owners can also change the seat layout using switches in the boot and on the C-pillar; second- and third-row seats can also be moved or folded using the touchscreen on the dash.

The new Land Rover Discovery will make its public debut at the 2016 Paris Motor Show later this month: Motoring Research will be there.

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Video: Bear Grylls and the Land Rover Discovery freefall test

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