Audi RS 6 Plus Newspress

Audi set to announce 600hp RS 6 Plus

Audi RS 6 Plus NewspressAudi is expected to soon announce a new 600hp RS 6 Avant Plus model – after one of its UK dealers accidentally revealed information on the über estate car.

The mistake was quickly rectified but not before several websites grabbed a screenshot of the page, which revealed the round 600hp figure. This is 40hp more than standard and the same as BMW’s recently announced M5 30 Jahre special edition.

Unlike the BMW (and unlike the previous 2004 RS 6 Plus – of which only 100 of the 999-model build run came to the UK), the Audi won’t be a limited-number special edition, but a full production car.

Last year, Quattro boss Stephan Reil stated that more powerful RS 6 models were planned, hinting that between 8% and 10% would be necessary for it to be worthwhile. Here, it seems the firm’s settled on a little less than that (giving it wiggle room to later launch a special 620hp RS 6 Plus Plus..?).

Other tweaks are expected for the RS 6 Plus, including suspension changes and possibly a track-biased suspension spec: don’t expect air suspension to be available, for example, with steel springs and three-way adjustable dampers likely to be standard fit.

For more information on the Audi RS 6 Plus, we’ll have to wait a little while longer for the official announcement. But it’s now clear: it is on its way and it’s going to be suitably brutish…

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