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Audi launches emissions scandal VIN car checker

Audi TDI engineAudi has launched an online ‘check your car’ page so owners can see whether their model is affected by the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

Similar to Volkswagen’s own system, the Audi service uses a car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to identify cars carrying illegal ‘defeat device’ software.

Audi also explains how to find the VIN number: it’s either in the front of the service book, on the bottom passenger side of the windscreen or, rather smartly, stored within the MMI system under ‘Car’ settings.

But if your car is affected, Audi says you shouldn’t panic. “You do not need to take any further action yourself,” says the firm, “we will contact you in the coming weeks”.

Audi earlier revealed that around 2.1 million cars worldwide are affected by the Volkswagen emissions scandal – although ironically, just 13,000 of these were sold in North America.

Despite the emissions scandal, the firm doesn’t expect it to impact on its UK premium sector leadership: September registrations alone were up nearly 10% and its advantage over BMW is well into five figures.

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