Audi to launch premium city car?


No sooner does the world lose one (admittedly disastrous) premium city car than rumours of another emerge.

Audi A0 anyone?

That’s the latest word from news sources in Germany (via Jalopnik), who report that Audi CEO Rupert Stadler himself has confirmed it, for launch in the second half of the decade.

It will, like the Skoda Citigo and SEAT Mii, be based on the Volkswagen Up, which immediately gives it a headstart over the Cygnet. Because the Up is, unlike the Toyota iQ, brilliant.

Add in the expected Audi modern premium transformation inside and, well, you’ve got something that could actually work rather well. It would need to add a bit more vorsprung durch technik to really convince, but given how the father of the Up, Ulrich Hackenberg, is now boss of Audi engineering, you’d have to assume they already know how to do this.

For an example of how the new Audi city car could emerge, look to the Audi A1. That’s a Volkswagen Polo. You’d never know. Customers certainly don’t: they happily pay a premium for the hit Audi hatch.

Just one thing: that name. Could it really be called Audi A0? We’d rather the name of the original Audi supermini were revived: Audi A50, though understandably, that could be confusing.

Perhaps just Audi City then, if the British digital car dealership will allow it? (Book the launch location space now, Audi). Or would that be too similar to the Skoda Citigo? Oh, what a headache.

One name we suspect Audi will be ducking is A-Up.

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