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Spoiler alert: Audi e-tron electric SUV begins production in Brussels

Audi e-tronMotoring Research had a preview passenger ride in it earlier this summer, but Audi still isn’t ready to fully reveal its new e-tron all-electric SUV.

It is, however, willing to today tell us that production has begun at its factory in Brussels.

Why the eagerness? We’re sure it has nothing to do with the fact Mercedes-Benz will reveal its all-new EQC all-electric SUV later today. Nothing at all, no.

Audi has, however, at least pulled up a corner of the dust cover. And if that still doesn’t reveal much, look in the background of the image above, where you’ll see the bold grille of the new Audi e-tron in all its glory. (In fairness, we have also earlier seen its interior fully exposed.)

The new e-tron will be ready to rapid-charge at 150kW quick-charging stations, adds the firm, meaning full batteries in around 30 minutes. 150kW is quicker than the 120kW Tesla Superchargers, although Tesla’s network is quite a bit larger than the nascent 150kW network.

The e-tron will have some Audi-first tech though: virtual exterior door mirrors, technology that’s been a star of the concept car for years, but not yet made its way into high-volume production.

When will we see more of the Audi e-tron? Teasers permitting, not until 17 September, when the firm will reveal it in San Francisco at 2030 local time (0530 CEST).

Until then, hold your electric Audi SUV excitement in check: later today, there’s a new electric Mercedes-Benz SUV to get thrilled about…

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