Audi dealer offers free meal, customer runs up £700 restaurant bill

Audi dealer offers free meal, customer runs up £700 restaurant bill

Audi dealer offers free meal, customer runs up £700 restaurant bill

When Siobhan Yap’s Audi A3 cabriolet was damaged on the forecourt of Watford Audi, the dealership offered her a free meal for two to apologise for the inconvenience.

Ms Yap was delighted to accept – and headed straight to a top London restaurant to make the most of the free meal with her mother.

Between them, the pair enjoyed four glasses of champagne at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Covent Garden, two bottles of wine at £69 each and six cocktails totalling £86.

Of course, it’d be a shame to visit a Michelin-starred restaurant without sampling the food, so Ms. Yap and her mother enjoyed one La Truffe Noire (£35), two St Jacques scallop dishes (£58) and two La Volatille risottos (£42).

The total bill came to an incredible £714.61 – a figure Yap claims was “relative to what they put me through and their customer service levels.”

Ms Yap told the BBC: “They put me through a lot of stress and it was a really nice restaurant. They should have specified a limit.”

Audi Watford has said it was “keen to make amends for the incident”, during which Yap’s secondhand A3 cabriolet was damaged by a delivery driver before she collected it.

The dealer loaned Yap a courtesy car while her own vehicle was repaired, but described the restaurant bill as “excessive” and offered to pay half.

A spokesman said: “We believe this is a fair and reasonable amount given the circumstances, and we stand by the decision taken.”

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  1. brinniewales
    brinniewales says:

    I hope the dealer learned a lesson about specifying a maximum amount for any meal as part of compensation, should they make such an offer in the future. Ms. Yap and her mother are at the low end of being crass. The amount of alcohol consumed is excessive for two people, regardless of gender. Perhaps the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree given that Mum went along with gouging the dealership.

    • reality
      reality says:

      awesome you know the definition of ‘excessive’ regardless of gender, they had a nice meal, and deserved it.

      perhaps the tree you fell from is also flawed?

  2. bu11ish
    bu11ish says:

    Clearly for her to label it as a “really nice restaurant” it was deliberate exceptional expenditure which was never in the intentions of Audi to honour. As much as their service was probably appalling (as most car dealerships is) she reacted as a crass opportunist.

    • reality
      reality says:

      just like audi is a ‘nice car’, jeez what a biased article written to draw this kind of response.

      just where do you think the Audi directors eat? McDonalds?

      • bu11ish
        bu11ish says:

        As elsewhere commented this is a franchisee and therefore what the Audi directors consume is irrelevant. The point here is the opportunist gluttony of an individual which detracts from the potential future possibility of such offers being made in goodwill.

        • reality
          reality says:

          The point here is that the company was sloppy, damaged her car, then did not specify how much they wanted to compensate her (because the hoped she would pick a lower amount) and now people write biased articles like this to sway public opinion.

          You do realise that the dealer is not a charity and makes profit from people spending their hard earned cash?

          And I meant the directors of the garage, not Audi international.

          • Kit Ingoldby
            Kit Ingoldby says:

            You clearly did not mean the ‘directors’ of the garage. Garages don’t have rich ‘directors’. This is a case of a crass and greedy woman trying to rip off a business.

          • reality
            reality says:

            You obviously have no idea what I meant.
            And yes all garage owners are poor and sole traders, especially expensive brands like Audi.

            You are a case of someone trying to defend rip off business industry and attack a consumer.

            Why does it bother you that much? Are you a garage owner sitting on a load of profit from ripping off consumers and justifying it as business.

      • wus up
        wus up says:

        Yes, but that isn’t the dealers fault. The dealer and the directors don’t get paid the same. That dealer now has to either take it out of their own wages or they’d more than likely get in trouble with executives for not specifying to the customer.

        It’s all fun and games but one mistake and a woman with a bad-attitude who wants to take things a little too far can cost someone their job and livelihood. If a mistake is made indirectly by the dealer and they are covering it you should be happy you’re getting that and a free meal.

        All things considered there are some dealers out there who will try their hardest not to rectify the issue and fix the vehicle. An accident, a offer, a compensation all leading to a very bad attitude by the consumer.

        • reality
          reality says:

          it is the dealers fault, their delivery person damaged the car.

          Yeah the garage is only there for fun and games and makes no profit what so ever. They even service cars for free … oh wait they don’t.

          The dealer should have been explicit, they just learned a valuable life lesson for 300 quid a bargain considering.

          • Kit Ingoldby
            Kit Ingoldby says:

            Wow, you really hate the idea of business’s working for an honest profit. And I expect that you work for free…oh wait, you don’t , you’re just a hypocrite.

          • reality
            reality says:

            Wow you really hate to admit that the dealer is a profit driven business and that they were lazy in compensating the lady for her damage.

            Let me guess you’ve only charged exactly what something cost you and never made a profit, oy wait you don’t cos you’re and idiot and a hypocrite .

      • defin1eye
        defin1eye says:

        That you are
        so vocal on this comment stream sort of suggests that you probably have
        reproduced numerous offspring of your own so that you can milk the benefits
        system that you clearly use, else you wouldn’t have time to advocate someone who
        clearly took advantage of a decent offer. Must of stung when the conservatives
        were re-elected, as now you may have to think about working for a living… Enjoy
        McDonalds loser!

        • reality
          reality says:

          I am vocal because I am educating people like you on how to be fair. Just as you are because you want to reaffirm your incorrect views.
          You attack me, without knowing anything about me, obviously you can not argue your point, mainly coz it is wrong, and possible coz you can not grasp the concept of consistency and equality.

          Your hypocritical views are the issue here, what the lady did is a conservative thing of drawing maximum profit from a situation, so .. your biased opinions are clearly wrong and your logic is no existent.

          It is somehow right for business to make a profit, but when a customer who has been wronged enjoys nice meal, it is excessive?

          Obviously you have a job doing nothing with other people doing all the work, are you a useless middle manager? Why don’t you take a salary based on what you produce for society? Oh yeah that would be nothing. Or are you looking for a job, and thing this lady with her nice meal has cost you your low paid job?

          Please educate yourself first before showing you ineptitude at delivering a cohesive argument.

        • reality
          reality says:

          @defin1eye:disqus I just realised that someone wrote your reply for you and you copied and pasted it, hence why your spacing is wrong.

          I’m sorry that you can not engage in a discussion at this level, to save you from further embarrassment, you should find someone better to write your responses.

          Or invite them here so I can correct them with their concept of ‘decent offer’ and how it should be consistent across the board.

  3. Ditto_Bird
    Ditto_Bird says:

    “They put me through a lot of stress”. My heart bleeds for you, Yap. I wonder how much “fan mail” she is receiving?

    • reality
      reality says:

      with biased articles like this? i’m sure audi is sending the author fan mail …

      • defin1eye
        defin1eye says:

        Jeez @disqus_ZEHDRXmRjk:disqus I hope the next time you cause an accident, someone screws you over excessively like Ms Yap so some random like yourself takes a blatant stand against common decency because they earn a living.

        • Axel NotRose
          Axel NotRose says:

          Fully agree reality. The dealership is completely at fault here. At fault for causing the accident in the first place and at fault for not setting a limit on the dinner amount. And then they just act like complete douches when they tell her they’ll only cover half, after telling her the meal is fully on their dime. Who does that??? Greedy businesses I guess. I assume their math was that she would only spend 100 GBP or so and that amount would be recovered in one visit in order to keep the customer (and continue to profit off of them in subsequent visits). Here’s the funny thing. Had they gladly paid the 700GBP, they would have probably recovered the amount (would have simply taken a little longer). However, now they’ve most likely lost her business, and countless of others who are siding with her. Anyone siding with the dealer in this story probably won’t go out of their way to change dealers but it’s likely that current customers of this dealer reading this story and siding with the her will go out of their way to switch to another dealer. Ultimately, their refusal to pay the other half of the amount is going to cost them way more in the long run.

  4. reality
    reality says:

    ‘Ms Yap was delighted to accept’ wow, great attack on a consumer from an industry funded article I presume.

    The garage was delighted to get off cheap with a meal, or so they thought.

    I actually wonder if it was a woman with a British sounding name would you have made the article this biased against her?

  5. The Urban Spaceman
    The Urban Spaceman says:

    Better than what I got from these cowboys:

    A tank of diesel. After they accused me of taking the car in a damaged condition, until I pointed out to them that it was on video.

  6. stephenterry
    stephenterry says:

    The dealership has to bite its tongue and bear the cost, but politely suggest to Ms Yap that she finds another service dealer, maybe in Convent Garden. Otherwise, there will be continual wrangling over the bill.

  7. reality
    reality says:

    Ahh you don’t understand sarcastic comments because you are ‘smart’ eh?

    like saying ‘Her names say it all not the British way’ and then saying ‘For your information i would feel the same way if she had a British sounding name muppet’.

    Quite contradictory would you not say?

    carry on you racist muppet, may all your offspring not have you as their parent.


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