Aston Martin Vantage GT12 Roadster

Aston Martin Vantage GT12 Roadster: the one-off Q-car

Aston Martin Vantage GT12 RoadsterAston Martin has created a one-off GT12 Roadster for an enthusiastic customer, who now owns the most extreme open-top road-going model the firm has ever made.

Revealed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the 600hp GT12 Roadster has been built by the firm’s growing ‘Q by Aston Martin’ custom division. Previously, this operation has developed fancy new colour and trim combinations, but its capabilities have progressively been built up to this – its first-ever full vehicle project.

It means this one customer’s demand for a GT12 Roadster has helped formalise Aston Martin’s crack in-house one-off customisation department. No wonder the firm is calling it a landmark car.

Aston Martin Vantage GT12 Roadster

“Aston Martin has a growing reputation of building ambitious commissions for customers, said Aston Martin vice president David King.

“The GT12 Roadster is the first project to combine all of those skill sets in one magnificent car. In just nine-months we took a customer’s dream and realised it, with a fully-formed, exactingly engineered and fully road-legal one-off. That is the essence of the Q by Aston Martin service”.

The basis of the GT12 Roadster is largely the same as the 600hp GT12 coupe – the car famously called Vantage GT3 until Porsche objected. It simply has a soft-top roof instead of a coupe hard-top, meaning the owner will be able to hear the noise from its aggressive 6.0-litre V12 even more clearly.

Aston Martin Vantage GT12 RoadsterLucky customer

Dr Andy Palmer, Aston Martin president and CEO, said: “The Vantage GT12 Roadster is a hugely exciting project. Not just because it’s sensational to look at, but because it vividly demonstrates the expanded capabilities of Q by Aston Martin.

“By incorporating the exceptional engineering capabilities of Aston Martin Advanced Operations within the Q by Aston Martin bespoke commissioning service we have a truly formidable creative team.”

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