Aston Martin Vantage AMR range launched

Aston Martin Vantage AMRAston Martin has launched its first range of road-going high-performance AMR models, the Vantage AMR. Bringing a bit of Aston’s title-winning FIA WEC sportscar racers to the road, the firm plans to make 200 V8 Vantage AMRs and just 100 V12 Vantage AMRs. They will cost from £97,995 and deliveries will begin later in 2017.

The AMR range was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show back in March: it’s designed to accentuate Aston’s sportiness by bringing to the road inspiration or direct influence from the track. There will be two levels of AMR, as seen with this new Vantage range: entry-level Vantage AMR models and more extreme Vantage AMR Pro versions that have extra work by the bespoke Aston Martin Q division. 

Aston Martin Vantage AMR

Pick from four colours for the Vantage AMR: Stratus White with orange graphic, Ultramarine Blue with blue graphic, Zaffre Blue with red graphic and Scintilla Silver with grey graphic. There’s also an AMR Halo Pack, which mimics the 2016 Vantage GTE World Endurance Championship racer: it’s Stirling Green with Lime Green accents. It even has a Union Jack AML wings badge on the nose.

There are complementary colours inside, including more Lime Green for the Halo Pack, and optional lightweight carbon fibre seats for the purists. They can also choose from either a six-speed manual with the 430hp V8 Vantage or seven-speed manual on the 595hp V12 Vantage (that’s 30hp up on the regular 565hp), although most will probably go for a paddleshift auto. You can also have either as a coupe or a roadster. 

“It’s a real thrill to see our first AMR model go into production said Aston president and CEO Dr Andy Palmer. The Vantage is “the perfect model with which to introduce the exciting AMR range. Unmistakable in look and feel, the Vantage AMR will appeal to our most enthusiastic customers. These are people who love our cars for their motorsport pedigree, and for their unmistakable dynamic and emotional qualities.”

There’s more on top: Aston’s offering an AMR Accessories range, with cool things such as an Aston-branded GoPro track day camera. But Aston reckons the AMR Aero Kit is the coolest. Developed in conjunction with the Aston Martin Racing team, the carbon fibre kit includes front splitter and dive plates, side sills and a fixed rear spoiler. Pair it with forged alloy AMR Vantage wheels and a 14kg-lighter titanium exhaust for racing perfection.

Consider the Vantage AMR range a run-out special; the new Aston Martin Vantage arrives in 2018, complete with V8 engines from Mercedes-AMG. Expected launch location? Quite possibly the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. 

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