Project AM RB 001 Sketch

Aston Martin and Red Bull to create ultimate hypercar

Project AM RB 001 SketchAston Martin and Red Bull Racing have announced a technical partnership that will create “the ultimate hypercar” – and Aston Martin chief creative officer Marek Reichman has admitted work is already underway on the groundbreaking new super sportscar.

Codenamed Project AM-RB 001, it will be co-developed by Red Bull Racing chief technical officer Adrian Newey and Reichman, fulfilling a decades-long dream of Newey to create a supercar.

As part of the new technical partnership, Aston Martin has become Red Bull Racing’s Innovation Partner – and its logos will return to grand prix racing for the first time since 1960 this weekend at the Australian Grand Prix.

Red Bull Racing RB12 Ricciardo

“Red Bull Advanced Technologies, led by Adrian, will be harnessing our Formula One DNA to produce the ultimate of all road cars,” said Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner.

“It’s an incredible project which also realises a dream and vision long held by Adrian to design a road car.”

What is the Project AM-RB 001 hypercar?

Project AM-RB 001 will be a hypercar to challenge the McLaren P1, LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder – plus Aston Martin’s own recent hypercars, the One-77 and track-only Vulcan. The Aston Martin and Red Bull partnership will, says the firm, “unite the world’s best aerodynamicists, composite experts and manufacturing masters”.

Aston Martin CEO Dr Andy Palmer added: “Between Q by Aston Martin Advanced, Red Bull Advanced Technologies and project partner AF Racing AG, we are going to create a car that will excite and stir the imaginations of the car designers of the future and a global audience of sports car enthusiasts.”


Adrian Newey Red Bull

We now know Aston Martin boss Andy Palmer was hinting at Project AM-RB 001 when he told us in Geneva that the firm was only interested in joining the F1 grid if the partnership was a genuine technical collaboration. “We’re not interested in just sticking our badge on the side of an F1 car.”

Well, now the Aston Martin badge IS stuck to the side of an F1 car – but that’s just the start of what it and Red Bull are going to do.

Adrian Newey admits that, since he was six years old, he’s been dreaming about building the ultimate sports car. The man whose cars have won 10 F1 World Championships has never fulfilled that dream – until now.

We all know Newey is an undisputed genius, whose vision has continually transformed F1. Transfer that into the world of supercars, with the to-market abilities of Aston Martin and the vision of its creative chief Marek Reichman and, well, the ingredients are all there for something truly extraordinary.

Could this be the fastest, most boundary-pushing, most aerodynamically brilliant hypercar the world has ever seen? With Red Bull and Aston Martin all working together under the vision of Newey, I certainly wouldn’t bet against it…

By Richard Aucock

The new car will combine “the latest in aerodynamics from F1 and the stunning design language of an Aston Martin,” said Reichman.

“Unconstrained by F1 regulations, we have a unique chance to create a car in its most efficient form that will represent the ultimate fusion of art and technology.”

Newey added that “it allows us to translate the technology we have developed in F1 into a new arena.”

For several years, the Red Bull F1 cars have generally been acknowledge as the most aerodynamically efficient and sophisticated on the Formula 1 grid; Reichman admits it’s going to be “a fascinating experience for everyone involved”.

Oh, and it will be fast, confirmed Palmer. Very fast. How fast? This fast:

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