Aston Martin Lagonda 2015 HET

OFFICIAL: Aston Martin Lagonda uncovered in Middle East tests

Aston Martin Lagonda 2015 HETAston Martin has released a series of official shots showing the Lagonda super-saloon undergoing final hot weather testing in the Middle East.

The reveal comes after airline Oman Air scooped the car as it was unloaded from the freight plane that flew it into the Middle East country.

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Aston Martin’s thus taken the opportunity to reveal the new Lagonda in full; it’s a final prototype car – or, in Aston-speak, a Verification Prototype – so although it’s still in the testing stage, it’s representative of the production car.

Aston’s images reveal a large, imposing saloon with bold straight lines and edges; the look is reminiscent of the charismatic 1970s Lagonda saloon, from which the 2015 car is clearly influenced. The C-pillar and resultant window graphic is particularly striking.

It’s a car with plenty of status and a very different car to Aston’s other four-door four-seater, the Rapide. Notably, it eschews the traditional Aston Martin grille, choosing a new look that’s likely to become a Lagonda brand trademark.

Aston hasn’t yet revealed any interior shots, though: it seems the firm is keeping that up its sleeve for the looking full production car reveal.

Lagonda Hot Environmental Testing explained

The hot weather testing being conducted on the Lagonda right now is called Hot Environmental Testing by Aston Martin. It’s the most extensive HET programme ever undertaken by the firm, which clearly shows the target market for the Lagonda – it’s a car that’s only going to be sold in the Middle East.

The car will cover 14,000 miles in four weeks, in temperatures ranging from 30-50 degrees C. So far, the Lagonda has covered 5000 miles.

Why is the Lagonda painted black? As a ‘worst case scenario’, says Aston: it’s conducting some challenging heat soak tests – including one that parks the car in the sun for a few hours to generate trim surface temperatures of 80 degrees C…

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