Festive fill-up: Asda cuts petrol and diesel prices again

Asda fuel prices

A Christmas treat is available on fuel station forecourts this festive period. From today, Asda has reduced petrol and diesel prices by a further 2p per litre and 1p per litre respectively.

Prices across Asda’s 322 petrol stations will be no more than £1.17 per litre of petrol and £1.22 for diesel.

The move is Asda’s response to the AA’s criticism of supermarkets over fuel voucher schemes. 

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A 50-litre fill-up at £1.17 a litre will cost £58.50, while a £1.22-per-litre diesel fill will cost £61.

Compared to the RAC Fuel Watch average of £1.25, that’s a saving of £4 on 50 litres of petrol. On diesel, drivers could save £3.50 compared with the average cost of £1.29.

“Asda’s price cuts mean that lower-spending drivers, such as the young, lower-income workers, people who live on their own and many of the elderly, are no longer frozen out from the benefit of reduced wholesale costs,” said the AA.

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An 18,000-person AA poll revealed that 58 percent of motorists think that ‘spend X and get Y off a litre of fuel’ schemes and similar are an ‘underhand way’ of getting shoppers to spend more money than they ordinarily would. And 38 percent said such deals made them feel manipulated. Tesco, for example, is currently offering 10p off every litre of fuel if you spend more than £60 in store. 

Commenting on the price reduction at Asda, RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “A cut in fuel prices before Christmas is good news for everyone who will be taking to the roads to visit family and friends. By knocking 2p a litre off unleaded, Asda has taken its price 8p below the UK average of 125.77p.”

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