Amazing tribute to the classic De Tomaso Pantera supercar is ready

Ares Panther ProgettoUno finished

Ares has unveiled the finished version of its De Tomaso Pantera tribute. The Panther ProgettoUno, resplendent in cherry red, is the culmination of 18 months of development.

The project was unveiled in January 2018. The V10-powered Pantera homage with pop-up lights was undoubtedly stunning, but there were questions regarding its feasibility.

Now, the finished car has debuted at the 2019 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, complete with those pop-up lights that raised so many eyebrows when the car was first revealed.

Ares Panther ProgettoUno: the numbers

Ares Panther ProgettoUno finished

The final specifications? The ProgettoUno packs a 5.2-V10 engine with 650 horsepower. Putting that power to ground via a seven-speed dual clutch transmission and four-wheel drive, it can get to 60 mph in less than three seconds. The top speed is 201 mph.

If all of that sounds a little bit Lamborghini Huracan-ish, that’s because the Panther owes much of its underpinning, and indeed its cabin, to the Italian supercar. The body is entirely unique, though. Made of carbon fibre, it’s a modern and aerodynamically sophisticated interpretation of the iconic original Pantera.

How much does the Ares Panther ProgettoUno cost?

Ares Panther ProgettoUno finished

If those cracking figures and captivating retro design have got you on a high, the price is sure to bring you back down to earth. The Panther ProgettoUno will start at £550,000 ($700,000), although that’s likely to increase with options.

“Having the opportunity to present the Panther ProgettoUno during the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este has been the crowning of the team’s efforts over the last 18 months and a recognition of the excellence of our projects,” said CEO and co-founder of Ares Design, Dany Bahar.

Ares Panther ProgettoUno finished

“The Panther ProgettoUno is a car designed and built with an eye on the Italian supercars tradition but using the most advanced technologies available, to always provide who is driving it unparalleled emotions and feelings”.

Would you take the Panther over something like a Ferrari 488 Pista or McLaren 720S? It takes the desire for something truly unique to graduate beyond stuff like that, to something near-on twice the price. Regardless, we can’t help but enjoy the ethos of the Panther – to evoke the spirit of the immortal Pantera.

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