Apple CarPlay now available at Halfords

Apple CarPlay now available at Halfords

Apple CarPlay now available at Halfords

Apple’s CarPlay system is now available as part of an aftermarket radio from high street retailer Halfords.

CarPlay lets iPhone users pair their handset with the car’s infotainment system and use its features without having to handle the phone.

This means they can send and receive text messages using Siri, as well as make phone calls. They can even use Apple Maps for navigation, and listen to their music through iTunes.

A wide variety of manufacturers, from Citroen to Land Rover, have announced that they will offer CarPlay on new models – but this is the first time it can be fitted to older vehicles.

The aftermarket CarPlay systems currently on sale at Halfords are manufactured by Pioneer, with prices starting at £349.99. Other systems, also made by Pioneer, go up to £599.99.

Android users should not feel left out – as the systems also feature MirrorLink, which, like CarPlay, lets the driver access their phone’s features through a touchscreen in the centre console.

Apple has previously patented technology to detect when someone is driving a car, and lock out a phone’s text messaging feature using CarPlay.

This is not currently available using the aftermarket system, but it is something we expect to see in the future.