Begging, blackmailing and flirting: how US fans are trying to get Grand Tour tickets

Begging, blackmailing and flirting: how U.S. Grand Tour fans are trying to get tickets

Begging, blackmailing and flirting: how US fans are trying to get Grand Tour tickets

As part of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May’s new show, The Grand Tour, the ex-Top Gear trio will be touring the world and presenting in front of live studio audiences.

On Friday, The Grand Tour announced it would be filming in Southern California – and all fans had to do was apply via this link and answer a few simple questions to be in the crowd.

Over the weekend, Amazon was bombarded with applications to see the show, with applications received from all 50 US states.

But many fans are taking to Twitter to try to convince the hosts to give them tickets… with some taking extreme measures.

Some are trying to bribe Clarkson with wine, and US presidency nominations…

While others are even resorting to flirting:

And some went a step too far:

But a lot of Canadians are feeling left out:

Amazon Video EU’s VP, Jay Marine, said: “The anticipation is definitely high for The Grand Tour. We knew Jeremy, Richard and James had a large following in America, but the response has far exceeded our expectations. We could film a show every day for the next 6 months and would still not have enough tickets to satisfy the demand.

“Chosen US customers will be contacted over the coming weeks with ticketing details, and all Prime members can look forward to seeing The Grand Tour this Autumn when it launches exclusively on Prime Video.”

The £160 million show will be available to watch exclusively on Amazon Prime, with fans having to pay £79 a year to watch it.

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