Alfa Romeo lessons from history (c) Alfa Romeo

How Alfa Romeo can escape the rut: 13 lessons from history

Alfa Romeo lessons from history (c) Alfa RomeoTo say Alfa Romeo has lost its way would be to state the blindingly obvious. Time and time again we’ve been presented with revival plans for the ailing brand, only to see the plans deteriorate quicker than an Italian car from the 1980s.

The newly-launched 4C provides a hint as to what Alfa Romeo can achieve, but a limited run sports car isn’t going to save the once great manufacturer. Alfa Romeo needs genuinely credible cars that we really want to own.

Sadly, despite its obvious links with the 4C, the new Giulietta QV has once again failed to hit the mark. So we thought we’d put together a list of 13 lessons Alfa Romeo can take from its history. Here’s to a more positive future…

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