Scalfaro LM917 Hans MezgerPremium watch maker Scalfaro has revealed a timepiece with a difference – not only does it feature genuine Porsche 917 racing car materials, but it is also air-cooled, just like the classic racer.

Engineer Hans Mezger, the mastermind behind the Porsche 917’s air-cooled engine, worked with watch manufacturer Scalfaro to make this pretty special timepiece.

The maker says “it was the 917 engine’s characteristic air-cooling fan that sparked the idea of creating the world’s first air-cooled chronograph – visible by the turbine-style small second hand at the 9h position on the timepiece’s elaborate three-dimensional solid Sterling Silver dial.”

Still with us? Good.

“The turbine-style small second hand at 9h creates a micro-airflow that supports the heat exchange between the slightly warmer air of the lower part of the watch case (air is warmer mainly due to exposure to body heat) and the cooler air above the dial.

“Fueled by the constant movement of the miniature air-cooling fan, the warmer air circulates from the “engine room” of the watch through the openings of the solid Sterling Silver dial (e.g. honeycomb apertures) to the cooler “cockpit area” above the dial and below the sapphire crystal.”

All this, we’re told, leads to improved thermal management within the watch case and thus helps to improve the precision of the movement.

Genuine metal parts from the Porsche 917 have been integrated into the watch cases, with each of the numbered watches featuring both design elements of the race car, as well as its DNA. Apparently.

Each Scalfaro LM917 Hans Mezger edition watch is individually numbered and includes the signature of Mezger himself.

Prices start at €6,917 (£5,500), with numbers limited to, yes, 917.