Ace Cafe threatened with closure with anti-social behaviour continues

Ace Cafe threatened with closure if anti-social behaviour continues

Ace Cafe threatened with closure with anti-social behaviour continues

The Metropolitan Police has sent the Ace Cafe a formal letter threatening it with closure if anti-social behaviour from visitors to the popular London venue is not cracked down upon.

It comes after the cafe was forced to shut on Sunday because unruly bikers attracted police attention, resulting in a dispersal order being issued.

At the time, the cafe was hosting a world record attempt for the largest gathering of female bikers.

One witness commented on Facebook: “Men turned up on bikes and did burnouts and wheelies and the police turned up and said there was a dispersal order and the cafe had to shut.

“It was a great day out and I loved it. I even loved the guys doing the wheelies and burnouts… reminds me of younger days when everyone could get away with it, got to admit though we had quieter roads, too many cars for all that to be going on with.”

The historic transport cafe, located on London’s North Circular ring road, has been a popular venue with car and bike enthusiasts since it reopened in 1997.

The venue was due to be holding a Honda car meet on Sunday evening, which was cancelled after police asked it to close.

It then received a written warning from the police stating that, under the Crime and Policing Act 2014, they will close the cafe down if anti-social behaviour in its vicinity continues.

This includes dangerous driving on the road outside the cafe and drinking alcohol outside the boundaries of the venue.

The police have advised the cafe to close down early if anti-social behaviour of this nature starts to occur.

On its Facebook page, the Ace Cafe explained the situation and said: “The future of the cafe is in your hands.”

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