Drivers are stopping for selfies with an abandoned Fiat Multipla

Drivers are stopping for selfies with an abandoned Fiat Multipla

Sales of the Fiat Multipla were slow when it was launched in 1998 – with many struggling to see past its love-it-or-hate-it styling. And indeed, it appears one owner of a Multipla couldn’t face being seen in it any longer – so abandoned it in a layby in Shropshire.

The Multipla is said to have been parked alongside a dual carriageway section of the A5 near Shrewsbury for a number of months now. It’s not known how it came to be left there – but it’s not unforeseeable that an ageing Fiat has more than its quirky looks going against it.

It’s been there so long that it’s become something of a landmark for drivers heading towards Wales on the A5 – and it’s even had a Twitter account set up in its name, with fans stopping for selfies with the ‘Lonely A5 Fiat’.

Some are calling for the car, which has been left with one wheel on the pavement, to be crushed by the DVLA – while others want local mechanics to give it a new lease of life. The person behind the Twitter account, who has not been identified, clearly has a sense of humour – jesting that a BMW abandoned nearby is ‘posh’, and asking drivers to use their windscreen washers when passing in hot weather.

The Twitter account was set up on June 13th and now has more than 400 followers wanting updates on the abandoned car.

Fiat gave the Multipla a major facelift in 2004 in a bid to attract more customers, but axed the controversial model in 2010 after 12 years on sale.

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