AA vans now carry a card for emergency EV charging

AA vans now carry a card for emergency EV charging

AA vans now carry a card for emergency EV charging

Ever wondered what happens if you’re driving an electric car and it runs out of electricity? The AA has partnered with electric charge point provider Chargemaster to supply all its patrols with a special fob, allowing them access to its 5,000-strong Polar network.

This means the AA patrol will be able to tow a stranded electric car to the nearest suitable charge point and give them a free charge, allowing them to continue on their journey.

All AA patrols have already been trained in how to deal with breakdowns involving electric or hybrid vehicles.

“We recognise that charging infrastructure, whether at home, at work, or in public, is critical to increasing the uptake of EVs and supporting drivers to make the switch,” said Chargemaster’s CEO, David Martell. “Although many people are concerned about the number of charging points, the reality is that including dedicated units fitted at home, there are as many charging points in the UK as there are electric cars.

“The benefits now available to 15 million AA members means that many more drivers will have the confidence to join the thousands of people moving to electric motoring every month.”

A survey of AA members reveals that 41 percent currently own a diesel car – but just 16 percent are likely to consider one of their next car. A third of AA members are aiming to switch from diesel and petrol for their next car, says the organisation.

“We have always been at the forefront of motoring innovation and as our member surveys show, the number of plug-in vehicles on the roads is going to increase quickly,” said AA president, Edmund King.

“So we want to ensure that all of our members are supported on the road, no matter what vehicle they drive. Our partnership with Chargemaster will offer AA members fantastic benefits in the future and now gives them peace of mind in the event of an emergency.”

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