A ukulele band has written a song about a Toyota people carrier

A ukulele band from Yorkshire is so chuffed with its Toyota Verso people carrier, it’s written a song about it.

The seven seater was loaned to The Grand Old Uke of York by Toyota and has been used to transport the group to gigs “across Yorkshire and beyond.”

The song, named Summer Rain, was written in celebration of the band’s time with the MPV and has been used as the soundtrack in a Youtube clip produced by Toyota.

Band member Tim Richardson, who says his favourite feature of the Verso is the sunroof, thinks the car’s practicality makes it a winner for the band.

He said: “Getting people to the gigs can be a challenge, so the more people we can get in one vehicle, the better.

“The seating is so clever and easy to use, the person who designed it deserves a medal.”

This weekend, The Grand Old Uke of York will be heading south to perform a gig at Car Fest South, near Basingstoke, appearing on the Wigwam Stage on Sunday.