93-year-old man trades skateboard in for MG3

A 93-year-old man from Cardiff heard that his local MG dealer was offering a guaranteed £2,000 towards any part exchange featuring four wheels – so traded in his skateboard for a new MG3.

Mr Edwards visited MG Cardiff last week and told staff he was hoping to trade the skateboard in – and ended up driving away in a new MG3 the same day.

Jack Dunn, who works for the dealership, told The Lad Bible: “I only met Mr Edwards briefly, but he was delighted that he could swap his skateboard in for £2,000 off a new car. He bought an MG3 and drove it away same day.

“He said he hasn’t used his skateboard in a couple of years, and he heard that we had an offer on where you could trade anything with four wheels in for the discount, so he took us up on it. It was a genius idea!”