Smoking in cars with children banned from TODAY

92% of motorists don't believe car smoking ban will be enforced

92% of motorists don't believe car smoking ban will be enforced

The majority of UK drivers don’t believe a new ban on smoking in vehicles containing children will be enforced when it comes in later this week.

The ban, which covers England and Wales from this Thursday (1 October), could see £50 fines dished out for anyone caught smoking in a car with passengers aged under 18.

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But research by the RAC has found that, despite 90% of drivers being aware of the new law, many don’t believe police have sufficient man power to enforce it.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: “It is worrying that nine in 10 motorists have concerns about the extent to which the new law is likely to be enforced. This is perhaps well-founded as traffic police officer numbers have fallen by nearly a quarter (23%) between 2010 and 2014 across forces in England and Wales, so it is hard to see how people flouting the law are going to be caught.

“The new ban joins a raft of other laws that have been introduced in recent years such as making it illegal to undertake or hog the middle lane of a motorway. But without sufficient enforcement there is a real danger that these laws will quickly be forgotten by a large proportion of the motoring population.”

The survey found that, despite most people being aware of the law, only half knew it was being introduced this week.

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