8 in 10 millennials want sedans, research finds

Sedans are more popular than we thought, Nissan finds

Nissan recently surveyed car owners and non-owners around the world as part of research investigating the appeal of different types of car. The results are, given what current trends suggest, surprising.

The headline figure is that 8 in 10 millennials would consider buying a sedan.

That’s right, the SUV hasn’t killed the humble four-door saloon yet. It’s not just millennials, either: around 75 percent of all of those surveyed (18 to 65 year-olds) who don’t own a sedan, said they’d consider buying one.

Even Generation Z (those born on or after 2000) had a keen interest in sedans. 68 percent said they’d consider one for their next car.

Adventurous types love sedans

Sedans are more popular than we thought, Nissan finds

A curious statistic too is that sedan drivers are more than just daily commuters.

They’re adventurers. 71 percent of existing sedan owners saying they’re passionate about traveling. 62 percent said that they love nature and exploring the outdoors.

Sedan owners love their cars

A nice statistic too, is that those who have sedans, also love their cars. 42 percent said they believe their car has its own personality. Near-on one-in-three said that they named their car and that they talk to it.

Nissan is well-placed to take advantage of its potential customers’ liking of sedans. It introduced an all-new Altima last year, and the all-new Sylphy this year at Auto Shanghai. Meanwhile, the Versa model remains popular.

Sedans are more popular than we thought, Nissan finds

“Our newest sedans speak directly to the needs of buyers, particularly young people who may be looking to buy their first car,” said Ivan Espinosa, Nissan’s corporate vice president of global product strategy and planning.

“As some of our competitors walk away from sedans, we’re seizing the opportunity. In the months and years to come, Nissan sedan drivers will enjoy more autonomous technologies, more advanced and electrified powertrains, and more connectivity.”

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