EuroApe 2018

Go Ape! Euro gathering will celebrate 70 years of iconic Piaggio three-wheeler

EuroApe 2018

It’s the world’s best-loved commercial three-wheeler and this year it’s celebrating its 70th anniversary. To mark the occasion, Piaggio Ape owners are invited to attend the largest Ape rally ever organised.

If the Fiat 600 and 500 mobilised a nation, the Piaggio Ape delivered its daily bread, fruit, vegetables and fresh meat. In short, it helped Italy return to business following the end of the Second World War.

Launched in 1948, two years after the Vespa, the Ape – which is pronounced ‘Ap-pay’ – is built around a semi-monocoque frame that utilises a single load-bearing chassis, but is most famous for its three-wheel set-up – one at the front and two at the back.

Its design is perfect for the tight and congested streets of urban Italy, where it is able to reach the parts of the city other commercial vehicles cannot. Little wonder, then, that more than 2.5 million Apes have been sold across five continents.

Today, the Ape is sold in Europe and emerging Asian markets, with factories in Italy and India.

EuroApe 2018

Piaggio Ape

You won’t see all 2.5 million Apes at EuroApe 2018, but the organisers are promising to make it the largest rally of its kind. The Italian firm will use the event to showcase the latest Ape 50 and its Euro4 engine.

EuroApe 2018 will be held in Salsomaggiore Terme, located in the foothills of the aptly-named Apennine Mountains in the province of Parma. Highlights include a convoy of teams taking part in the ‘Apeggiando per L’Italia’ tour, as well as scheduled excursions and a party, where visitors will, we suspect, go Ape.

“EuroApe is a rally that brings together enthusiasts and lovers of the Ape brand on an annual basis, allowing an increasing number of Ape fans the possibility to meet up and share their passion for an extremely fun vehicle that, throughout 70 years of history, has been a symbol of industriousness, friendship and life in the open air, while also becoming a cult object and collector’s item,” say the organisers.

The event takes place over the weekend of 21-23 September and guests are invited to register via the Ape Club d’Italia website.

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