£500 Fiat Punto for sale on Gumtree – but you'll have to remove the clamp yourself

A 2004 Fiat Punto has been advertised for sale on classifieds site Gumtree, but there’s a catch – it’s been clamped, and you’ll have to get it removed yourself.

The car, located in Glasgow, ran out of MOT in May – meaning the car couldn’t be taxed, leading to it being clamped by authorities.

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The seller, known as Nomi, complains that she can’t afford to MOT the Punto or pay to have the clamp removed, so she’s selling the car ‘as is’.

The advert states: “I’m open to any offers tbh, but you’d need to have the clamp removed yourself. I’ve got the letter.”

It continues to say the Punto’s done 50,000 miles, and it may have service history – she adds, “not sure… [it] might be in glove box.”

If you’re not convinced that the £500 Punto is representing excellent value for money, you may be pleased to hear that it does have “a nice CD player”.