You could have 400hp for £595… if you already have a Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS Mountune

Own a third-generation Ford Focus RS? Fancy having power levels underfoot not alien to Ferraris from 20 years ago? Look no further than Mountune, the warrantied skunkworks performance division that can bestow a third-gen Focus RS with 400hp. Better yet, it’ll sell you that power for £595.

Two upgrade packages are available. Both the M400R and M400X do what they say on the tin – deliver 400hp in a Ford Focus RS. The M400R package takes over where the M400 left off and the M400X allows that figure using the RS’s standard turbocharger.

While delivering 400hp, the R package also allows alternative calibrations for increased usability and functionality. Two new maps make for a well-rounded proposition. In total, the 400R, OEM, fuel economy and valet mode are featured. You can also adjust your RPM limit, launch control set points, flat shifting and dyno mode. You can adjust your valet and anti-theft modes and can easily retrofit custom gauges and data-logging.

M400X takes all of the above, with even better-optimised power and torque curves, improving response and mid-range performance.

Both packages, as aforementioned, weigh in at just £595. Those with pre-existing Mountune handsets can get the new software online and update their machines for added functionality on their driveway… for free.

Ford Focus RS Mountune

What’s the catch? Well, Mountune is fairly insistent that there is some extra hardware required “to ensure the RS achieves the desired performance safely”.

“The Focus RS is a fantastic vehicle to drive and the platform responds extremely well to our performance upgrades,” explains David Moore, director of Mountune Performance.

“With these two kits, the power and torque are now exceptional both in quantity and delivery. This is particularly true of M400X which turns the RS into something truly phenomenal. We are also proud to provide legacy M400 owners with a free upgrade to M400R. This will give them additional features and functionality and demonstrates the commitment we make to providing the best for our loyal customers.”

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