30% of drivers would do a runner after a parking scrape

Almost a third of drivers would consider leaving the scene of an accident if only minor damage was caused – while another 4% said they’d do a runner even after a more serious collision.

The shocking stats come from a survey of over 2,000 people commissioned by ContractHireAndLeasing.com.

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The results show that honesty amongst drivers varies depending on their age and location.

Glasgow is one of the most honest places to drive, according to the survey, as 70% of motorists would confess to any damage caused, no matter how slight.

Southampton (65%) and Hull (64%) drivers rank second and third – a stark contrast to drivers in Bristol (43%), Oxford (46%) and London (46%).

When it comes to serious damage, more than one in ten people in Brighton (12%) would flee the scene, closely followed by Oxford (10%), Milton Keynes (8%) and Newcastle (7%).

The report also found that the older you are the more likely you are to be an honest driver.

6% of motorists aged 18-24 and 7% of drivers in the 25-34 age bracket would leave the scene after causing serious damage, compared to just 1% of over 65s.

Looking at less serious prangs, 39% of 18-24s would scarper after a slight collision, as would 34% of 25-34s. Only 25% of over 65s would try to get away, however.

Contracthireandleasing.com managing director, David Timmis, said: “Although we are generally a nation of honest motorists, it is sad to see that nearly one third of motorists would try to avoid paying for repairs if no-one was around to witness their accident.”

Although the difference in responses by age group might be due to older people being more honest, it may also be down to high insurance premiums for younger drivers meaning even a minor bump could cost them dearly.

Timmis added: “As ever, the older British generation are showing the rest of us the right path by being honest no matter who may, or may not, have seen the accident.”

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