Skoda Octavia vRS 280 rumour

280hp Skoda Octavia vRS rumoured for 2015

Skoda Octavia vRS 280 rumour

New 280hp Octavia vRS rumoured to celebrate 40 years of Skoda RS. Sssh, nobody tell Ford…

Skoda will celebrate 40 years of the RS brand in 2015 – and there are rumours it will mark this with a hot 280hp special edition version of the current Octavia vRS.

Producing 220hp in standard 2.0 TSI guise, the tuned Octavia would likely use the engine from SEAT’s most potent Leon Cupra, and come with a complementary set of mechanical upgrades including honed suspension and possibly even a mechanical limited-slip differential (we certainly hope so…).

It would also sport a more aggressive bodykit and other limited edition tweaks.

The current 2.0-litre turbo petrol Octavia vRS hits 62mph from rest in 6.8 seconds: this rumoured hot version would almost certainly break the 6 second barrier, making it the most potent production Skoda by some margin.

Skoda: 40 years of RS

The first Skoda RS emerged in 1975. The 130 RS was a rally special based on the 110 R road car. Producing up to 142hp, it was hugely successful in both rallies and hillclimbs, with the brand’s then-rear engined configuration allowing it to clean up in competition.

It even won its class in the 1977 Monte Carlo Rally and was a frequent top 10 challenger in period WRC events. No wonder it was dubbed the Lancia Stratos of Eastern Europe…

Incidentally, Skoda’s racy models are still known by their original RS monikers in countries such as the Czech Republic. In Britain, it’s preceded by the ‘v’ tag – apparently to distance the vRS from Ford’s own RS models: the blue oval even took Skoda to court over this – but Skoda won as the judge reckoned adding ‘v’ made it a new brand.

And what does ‘v’ in vRS stand for? Victor Rally Sport…

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