GGR Ford Fiesta ST240

240bhp Ford Fiesta ST upgrade launched

GGR Ford Fiesta ST240Fast Ford fans can now get an even faster Fiesta ST with the launch of a 240bhp tuning kit by specialists Graham Goode Racing.

The GGR Fiesta ST240 package ups the standard car’s 180bhp to the round 240bhp @ 6600rpm figure – just 10bhp shy of the larger Ford Focus ST. Torque also goes up, from 213lb ft to an even more front-wheel-scrabbling 252lb ft at just 2400rpm.

The kit doesn’t affect exhaust emissions and the standard catalyst is untouched to ensure MOT compliance. Fuel economy should be similar too (and we know how economical the regular ST can be).

So how has GGR done it? Well, largely, by replacing the standard Fiesta ST’s air filter box – the same size as standard Fiestas, surprisingly – with a larger High-Flow Direct Air Induction System. This sees inlet flow “greatly increased”.

It’s quite a structure; there’s a special spun aluminium trumpet assembly, into which sits a K&N cone filter, and GGR has crafted a CNC-machined mounting for the Ecoboost engine’s Mass Air Flow sensor. It’s mounted right at the front of the engine so it’s as restriction-free as possible, and GGR even uses smooth-wall 4-ply silicone to further reduce air restrictions.

It’s backed up by new calibration for the car’s ECU, which is done in association with Superchips.

The firm doesn’t quote any performance stats but does say it improves upon the standard car’s 139mph top speed, delivering “staggering” performance and throttle response while remaining drivable and user-friendly when not being pushed.

Not bad for £728 – and that’s a fully-fitted, VAT-inclusive price, too.

Extra reassurance comes from Graham Goode Racing’s reputation. The firm has plentiful experience in creating turbo engines for the BTCC series and is a long-time Ford RS specialist. Superchips also has an enviable reputation in tuner circles for the reliability of its products.

The Ford Fiesta ST is our favourite hot hatch of all, and a bit of a cult classic in the Motoring Research car park. You can thus be sure we’ll be trying to get into this one for an upcoming road test review…

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