Fiat 500 available for £239 a month - with insurance included

£239 a month Fiat 500 deal for teens – insurance included

Fiat 500 available for £239 a month - with insurance included

Fiat is targeting young drivers with a new finance package which includes servicing and insurance for three years.

Available to anyone aged 18 or over, the ‘i-Deal’ package gives drivers a new Fiat 500 1.2 Pop for a fixed monthly payment of £239, following a deposit of £1,475.

Mileage is limited to 6,000 miles a year, meaning it won’t be suitable for anyone who covers serious miles. But for many, it’s a cheap way of getting on the road – as research by Go Compare has found that many young people spend up to 30% of their income on keeping their car on the road.

The scheme, ran by Carrot insurance in partnership with Fiat, includes a telematics black box which monitors how the car is driven and offers rewards and incentives for good driving.

Fiat Chrysler UK’s commercial director, Karl Howkins, said: “Having thoroughly researched the market, we determined that Carrot’s approach to insuring young drivers would be best suited for the iconic FIAT 500 and we’re delighted they are supporting our plans for i-Deal in tandem with their partner, Zurich Insurance.

“This all-inclusive insurance package deal will make the dream of driving a brand new FIAT 500 a reality for many young drivers who would otherwise be forced to drive an older and potentially less reliable and safe vehicle.”

The manufacturer points out that every Fiat 500 is equipped with electronic stability control as standard, as well as seven airbag – meaning the deal should appeal to parents as well as young drivers.

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