£21,965 for most economical Mercedes ever


Mercedes-Benz has introduced two new models with lower CO2 emissions than ever before and economy of up to 78.5mpg.

Say hello to the A 180 CDI ECO SE and B 180 CDI ECO SE: delivering supermini economy from cars wearing the three-pointed star.

To create them, Mercedes-Benz has essentially taken a normal A 180 CDI SE and B 180 CDI SE, lowered the weight a bit and stuck a few bits on to make them more aerodynamic.

The result is impressive – we’re talking 92g/km and 98g/km for the A and B-Class respectively. That’s a reduction of up to 9%.

How’ve they done this? Well, the grille’s slicker than the standard models and there’s a bit of underbody panelling. They’ve also lowered the suspension a bit.

It’s not all about CO2, either – fuel consumption is also improved. The A-Class will manage a combined 78.5mpg, and the B-Class 74.3mpg.

You’d think all this might come at a cost – but performance hasn’t taken a hit. The 0-62mph times of 11.3 seconds (A 180) and 11.6 seconds (B 180) are the same as the standard models.

You will take a small hit in the wallet to begin with – £21,965 for the A-Class and £22,950 for the B-Class. That’s an increase of just £520 over the models they’re based on. If you do a lot of miles, the extra MPG should cover that.

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