Is 2019 the year of the ‘eco’ driver?

eco drivers

A survey has revealed that British drivers seem more intent on changing how they drive as opposed to what they drive, in 2019.

The survey, taken by over 22,000 drivers, suggests that as many as half of the UK’s road users – that’s 15 million of us – intend on going green in 2019. When asked how they might go about that, the shocking revelation is that less than 10 percent actually plan on making a switch to ultra-low or zero-emissions vehicles in 2019.

Instead, as many as 17 percent (almost one in five) will change their driving habits, specifically, driving less where possible. Riding a bike and walking have been cited as alternatives that drivers will consider, in avoidance of driving altogether.

(Semi) officially, then, walking is very nearly twice as appealing to eco-conscious motorists as getting into low-emissions vehicles.

That said, there are demographics among us that do have eyes on the ULEV prize. Londoners are 14 percent more likely to express an interest in low-emission vehicles. Unsurprising, given the capital’s continued and escalating persecution of less clean internal combustion vehicles.

Similarly, younger people (18-34 year-olds) were 12 percent more likely than average to be planning on making a switch.

eco drivers

This research also comes a couple of months after AA research revealed as many as 22 percent of us intend on getting into cleaner cars this year. As to how many will – whether it’s closer to this survey’s figure or one-in-five of us – we’ll only know at the end of the year…

“More and more drivers are planning on making the switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle,” said James Fairclough, CEO of AA Cars.

“It’s becoming increasingly practical to own an ultra-low or zero emission vehicle which is helping to catalyse this green revolution. Several new electric car models are being introduced over the coming months which offer greater range on a single charge as well as a range of high-tech features such as advanced driver assistance. There are more fast charging points being installed too, allowing a full charge to be taken in minutes.”

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