2019 Porsche 911 testing

New 2019 Porsche 911 seen undisguised in testing

2019 Porsche 911 testingPorsche has released teaser images of its new, eighth-generation 911 undergoing testing, ahead of its reveal at the LA Auto Show at the end of November.

Despite being a minority seller in a range now dominated by SUVs, the Porsche 911 remains incredibly important. It defines what the marque is all about. Of course, the run-up to every new generation of 911 is unnerving for enthusiasts. What will change about it and therefore, what will change about Porsche?

Perhaps they shouldn’t worry. After all, over the years the 911 has proved almost as resistant to change as its fanbase. The engine’s still behind the rear axle and comprised of six cylinders in a flat arrangement, albeit now turbocharged in most guises.

2019 Porsche 992 911 teaser

No matter what’s changed, though, you can bet Porsche will have put in the legwork and the development miles to make the 911 the best it can be.

That’s what it’s demonstrating here, with this gallery of prototypes being put through their paces from San Francisco to the icy wastes of the Arctic. The car is tortured in the 50 deg C conditions of Death Valley and the -35 deg C icy freeze of Finland. Everything from air-con to cold start, and driving dynamics to power delivery, is put to the test in this most extreme range of test conditions.

“The vehicle’s drivetrain must function as flawlessly as its fluids, systems, operating processes and displays – it’s the only way we can be certain that the vehicle is able to travel through all regions of the world without faults,” said Andreas Pröbstle, project manager for the 911.

2019 Porsche 992 911 teaser

All that combined with countless laps of the Nürburgring, high-speed runs around Nardo and even more endurance testing around the world, amounts to testing tally of around 1.8 million miles.

As far as the exterior, the car is all but revealed. It certainly looks wider, and the full-width light bar at the back will likely be standard.

The big secret surrounds what the cabin will be like. Rumour suggests it’s a huge step on from the outgoing 991 version.

2019 Porsche 992 911 teaser

It should come as no surprise that the outgoing ‘991’ range will eventually be fully replaced.

Expect similar line-up of turbocharged Carrera, Carrera S and Carrera T, GTS, Targa and convertible for the new 992, along with higher performance Turbo and GT cars to follow later. 

Controversially, the next GT3 may switch to turbo power, although it’s been spied testing with what sounds like a free-breathing flat-six.

In pictures: Porsche 992 911 teasers

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