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Will this Overfinch be the most luxurious SUV ever built?

Back in the mid-1970s, London’s Overfinch became the world’s first specialist Range Rover tuner. Now, for 2018, it’s readying a new Range Rover which it describes as the most luxurious SUV ever created.

Derived from the recently-enhanced 2018 model year Range Rover, the new Overfinch models are priced from £114,990 for the 3.0- TDV6, and £144,990 for the supercharged V8 Autobiography (in the U.S, it will be $129,500 for a 3.0 supercharged V6 and $144,850 for the supercharged V8). And these can quickly swell further with bespoke commissioning; Overfinch even offers armoured vehicles.

What’s new? On the outside, the firm teases in new sketches, a more aggressive front end complete with carbon fibre air dam. There’s a complementary carbon fibre bumper at the rear, and an improved diffuser, into which sit engraved exhaust tailpipes. The exterior has more extensive colour coding and a broader array of bespoke colours and trims (check out all the carbon fibre in the image above).

Inside, Range Rover model year upgrades such as upgraded infotainment, rear heated arm and footrests, thicker glass and wider seats combine with Overfinch’s own trim upgrades, which it says are again broader than ever. Even the cushioning of the seats has been increased for yet more comfort.

Overfinch chairman Kevin Sloane said that the combination of 2018 model year Range Rover upgrades, combined with the firm’s own design and engineering changes, mean “this Overfinch conversion will be the most luxurious SUV to date.

“The visual impact of the vehicle has been maximised, giving it a stronger on-road presence with an interior enjoying elevated levels of sophistication.

“Such bespoke craftsmanship is synonymous with Overfinch and the result of the 2018 model year is a distinctive, elegant interpretation of the flagship vehicle that is as exclusive as it is desirable.”

Overfinch is even planning its first-ever zero-emissions Range Rover: the launch of the new PHEV model means it intends to roll out its own Overfinch Range Rover PHEV later in 2018 for UK buyers and 2019 for those in the U.S.

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