2018 Megane Renault Sport teased at Monaco Grand Prix

2018 Megane Renault Sport teaserRenault F1 driver (and Le Mans 24 Hours winner) Nico Hulkenberg has helped tease the upcoming new Megane Renault Sport in a road demonstration around the Monaco Grand Prix circuit. The new car will be fully uncovered at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Although Renault is not revealing much about the car right now, it has confirmed buyers will be able to choose from a manual gearbox or a paddleshift EDC auto for the first time. It’s thus not again making the same mistake, as with the disappointing Clio Renault Sport 200 Turbo, of going auto-only…

2018 Megane Renault Sport teaser

We don’t know a huge amount about the new Megane Renault Sport just now: sales aren’t even scheduled to begin until Spring 2018. However, Renault is aiming high with the new car: Renault Sport Cars MD Patrice Ratti says “we aim to make the new Megane R.S. the new compact sports car benchmark”.

This is a sector, remember, that includes the Ford Focus RS, the Honda Civic Type R and both the Volkswagen Golf GTI and R. Formidable competitors, all…

We’re not sure what sort of F1-inspired technologies Renault’s bringing across to the road car, but it does say they are focused on efficient aerodynamics, road holding and high performance. It also mentions F1-inspired reliability, although given the team’s pitiful performance thus far in 2017, let’s hope reliability in this case is not quite so heavily inspired by F1.

See the car in full at the Frankfurt Motor Show on 12 September. Ahead of that, read through our collection of 40 great hot Renaults, to see the sort of family DNA we hope this car is thoroughly infused with.  

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