Pirelli wide F1 tyres for 2017

2017 F1 wide tyres tested on Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari

Pirelli wide F1 tyres for 2017Ferrari F1 star Sebastian Vettel has become the first driver to test Pirelli’s wider wheels for 2017 at the Italian team’s private test track in Maranello.

The four-time World Champion will be driving on the new tyres all day today (Monday 1 August) before Haas F1 driver Esteban Gutierrez takes over the car on Tuesday 2 August (Haas F1 uses Ferrari engines). Both drivers will be trialling wet tyres on an artificially dampened track.

The new tyres mark a big change for F1: they are 25% wider than the current rubber and, along with a series of aerodynamic changes, are being introduced to make F1 faster.

The target is a lap time two seconds faster than today’s cars.

Pirelli wide F1 tyres for 2017

The comparable figures illustrate how much wider the new tyres are:

  • Front tyres – 245-section (2016), 305-section (2017)
  • Rear tyres – 325-section (2016), 405-section (2017)

The wheel size, however, remains at 13 inches, meaning F1 cars retain their ultra-deep sidewalls. Even a base-spec Ford Fiesta has bigger wheels than a modern F1 car.

Other teams will test the new 2017 tyres as the 2016 F1 season progresses: Red Bull Racing will be the first to try out the new slick tyres, with AMG-Mercedes also getting their hands on the tyres in September.

Pirelli wide F1 tyres for 2017

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