Online auction for a 2015 tax disc

2015 tax discs selling for thousands online

Online auction for a 2015 tax discMotorists are asking thousands of pounds for their unneeded tax discs on eBay since new rules came in at the beginning of this month saying they no longer have to be displayed.

Although you don’t have to display a tax disc, you do still have to pay tax and police can check a car’s status using their automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system.

More than 100 2015 tax discs are currently listed on the internet auction site, and some have previously sold for over £100.

They may have been bought by people wanting to save money on tax by tricking police into thinking their car is actually taxed – but with officers relying on their ANPR system and the police national computer (PNC), a paper disc in the windscreen is unlikely to fool them.

There are people who collect tax discs, known as velologists, so they may be being sold for legitimate reasons.

However, vintage tax discs, despite being rarer and more collectable, aren’t going for as much money. Tax discs from the 60s, 70s and 80s have previously sold on eBay for less than £10 – although earlier ones from the 1920s have made over £150.

Experts have said that, if you keep hold of your tax discs, they’re likely to increase in value over time.

Velologist and author of Trade and Collect Tax Discs, Tony Hill, told the Daily Mail: “Because there are so many of the current year tax discs in existence, the best tip is to keep your disc in pristine condition and store it safely.

“Any tax disc in poor condition will be worth a fraction of the same date in very good condition.”

Despite the surprising money tax discs are making on eBay, it would seem that tax disc holders won’t be appearing on the Antiques Roadshow anytime soon.

These are currently being sold for as little as 99p.

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