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The 10 most important Chrysler vehicles

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Walter Percy Chrysler never went to college, instead learning engineering on the job at a locomotive company. After working his way up the ladder for 20 years, Chrysler was persuaded to enter the car business and manage GM’s Buick plant. He was 36.


After modernizing Buick’s manufacturing and tripling production, Chrysler resigned and soon took control of both Willys-Overland and the Maxwell Motor Company. Maxwell was failing, but Chrysler introduced a revolutionary new model in 1924 that saved the company and created the Chrysler Corporation.


Over the next nearly 100 years, Chrysler created numerous models that disrupted the industry. Other manufacturers have often been forced to imitate rather than innovate to compete.


While the Corporation has many marques, the Chrysler automobiles have stories all their own that carry the spirit of Walter P. in their bones.


These are the 10 most important Chryslers to the brand.


(Photo: Walter P. Chrysler standing next to the first Chrysler automobile)



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