30-second news: Volkswagen has delivered its 150 millionth car

The 150 millionth Volkswagen has been delivered to a customer after leaving the firm’s Wolfsburg production line.

Rather than a memento of VW’s Dieselgate-tarnished past, the special anniversary car is a plug-in hybrid Golf GTE. Convenient.

Delivered to Norway, where 37 percent of all new vehicles registered so far this year are plug-in hybrid models, the GTE has been bought by regular VW customer Turid Sedahl Knutsen.

“The Golf GTE gives customers a climate-friendly choice,” said Knutsen. “Not only that, it’s very sporty and great fun to drive, too. I’m thrilled with the new technology.”

Since the emissions scandal, VW has accelerated plans to electrify its range. One million electric Volkswagens are expected to be on the roads by 2025.

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