1,200hp Porsche to go for 200mph sand speed record

Zef Eisenberg sand speed run Porsche

Land speed racer and record-setting motorbike rider Zef Eisenberg has his eyes on a new on-sand speed record. The target is to exceed 200mph, and he’ll be enlisting the help of his Mad Max race team and a 1,200hp Porsche 911 Turbo S.

The attempt will take place at Pendine Sands, the spiritual birthplace of speed in Britain, on the weekend of April 6.

The Turbo S should provide an altogether more refined speed experience than the Busa. That said, to get the Turbo S to 1,200hp is no easy task. A 4.2-litre bespoke Porsche race engine with beefed-up internals, bigger turbos and an ethanol fuel system are required.

The team at Mad Max worked out that they’d need 1,000hp at the wheels to crack 200mph within a mile, so that meant 1,200hp at the crank. Obviously, everything else has been upgraded accordingly to deal with double the power of a stock 991 Turbo.

Inside, it’s completely standard minus competition seats, an FIA-spec cage and harnesses. All told, the car remains road-legal but ready to clock the magic double tonne at Pendine. And yes, you can come and watch…

Zef Eisenberg sand speed run Porsche

Eisenberg’s prior records include the fastest bike on sand. He achieved 201mph on a supercharged Suzuki Hayabusa, less than two years after surviving a 230mph bike crash. That, unsurprisingly, was the fastest-ever bike crash in British history.

He made an unprecedented recovery, going through three months in hospital and three months in a wheelchair before taking to the sand once again just over a year later.

“Weight is actually your friend on sand,” said Eisenberg. “It’s about stability – putting enough weight on the tyres to increase traction. Even though we have accidentally made the car 140kg lighter than standard, we have no need to strip weight out. The car is actually road legal, so we will drive it from the hotel onto the beach and to the restaurant after, hopefully to celebrate.”

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