JLR Lookers West London

£12 million JLR flagship dealer opens next to the A40 in London

JLR Lookers West LondonA £12 million flagship new dealer for Jaguar Land Rover alongside the A40 in West London has been officially opened by explorers Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Monty Halls.

The new Lookers Jaguar Land Rover West London dealer is the first new-look Jaguar Land Rover dealer to open in the UK: over the next few years, all Jaguar and Land Rover dealers will look like this.

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JLR calls it the ARCH look, consisting of a sharp, clean, modern look. It’s part of the firm’s plan to combine Jaguar and Land Rover dealers into one outlet – and there’s £1 billion of investment going into 1,800 retailers across the globe deliver.

Jaguar Land Rover used the opening of the Lookers West London site to give the new Discovery its first UK showroom reveal, as a reward to the dealer group for its investment in the brand: the colossal multi-million-pound retailer site is certainly impressive.

It’s taken 18 months to transform the site, a few hundred yards down the road from the famous Hangar Lane Gyratory, and its opening means the new JLR look will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people every day.

Including JLR CEO Dr. Ralf Speth – his route into London from JLR HQ is via the A40…

In total, the new site can house 44 cars and includes a barista bar, business lounge, kid’s area, and comfy seats to lounge in. It produces its own power via a huge solar stack and the water used to fully detail every used car on the site is fully recycled.

Customers don’t even have to face the elements when they visit: a special drive-in service bay automatically opens garage doors as they drive up, so they can hand over their car to a technician in the warm and dry.

Andy Bruce, Lookers CEO, said: “Our new showroom is the result of a £12m investment into a brand that we really believe in. Our business is doing better than ever thanks in no small part to the incredible array of Jaguar Land Rover products on sale.

“With the new Lookers West London site we’ve created a real premium destination, and we are privileged to have not only hosted the New Discovery at our launch event, but also to hear some of Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ incredible adventures.”

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