1000th Lotus Exige S rolls off the line – and it’s an auto

1,000th Lotus Exige S rolls off the line – and it’s an auto

1000th Lotus Exige S rolls off the line – and it’s an auto

The 1,000th Lotus Exige S has rolled off the manufacturer’s Hethel production line, as the company celebrates its best half-year sales figures since the financial year 2008/9.

Launched in 2012, the supercharged Exige S has bolstered the brand, proving particularly popular in Japan, where more examples have been sold than in the UK.

This global popularity explains why the manufacturer has recently announced an automatic version of its Exige S, catering for the tastes of other markets.

The UK is the second most popular country for Exige sales followed, interestingly, by Switzerland.

Switzerland’s strict speed limits and heavy vehicle taxation based on engine capacity means sports cars rarely sell well there.

Lotus CEO, Jean-Marc Gales:

“Our customers want a pure driving experience and the Exige S epitomises the Lotus DNA of performance and handling excellence. It is thanks to the considerable talent and experience across our UK manufacturing facilities and at our Hethel headquarters that we are able, and proud to give this exceptional machine a Lotus badge.

“We have just recorded our strongest October since 2009 for sales which demonstrates the demand for Lotus cars, but we also acknowledge the strong global demand in new markets. There is incredible potential for growth in the Middle East, China and other emerging markets in South East Asia, where the automatic option for the Exige is anticipated to stimulate customer demand further.”

The 1,000th Exige S is fitted with the automatic ’box, and is destined for Lotus’ test and development team.

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