SMMT Euro 6

100 days to ‘cleanest ever cars’ mandate

SMMT Euro 6Today (21 May) marks 100 days until Euro 6 emissions-compliant new cars become mandatory across Europe – the cleanest cars in history, says the SMMT.

The Euro 6 emissions standard is a big step on from today’s Euro 5 cars. They emit virtually zero particulate matter and halve dangerous nitrogen oxides over cars built during the past five years.

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Compared to even older models, Euro 6 emissions mark a huge reduction – and they also emit lowest-ever levels of CO2 as well.

Already, SMMT figures reveal, almost half of all new cars registered meet the Euro 6 standards ahead of the deadline on September 1. More than 70% of the top 10 best sellers are Euro 6 compliant.

Mike Hawes, SMMT chief executive, said, “With 100 days still to go until the new Euro 6 standard becomes mandatory, new car buyers are shifting to these next-generation vehicles.

“This is the result of huge investment from manufacturers in clean technology – and the quicker we get these Euro 6 cars onto the roads, the quicker we’ll see improvements in air quality.”

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