If you can’t beat ‘em? 1.7 million would lie about whiplash

WhiplashThe House of Commons Transport Committee has issued recommendations to stop rising personal injury claims pushing up car insurance premiums – and new research has revealed the scale of the challenge.

In a survey commissioned by Gocompare, 6% of UK drivers admitted they would consider making a claim for personal injury after a road accident – even if they knew they weren’t badly hurt. That’s the equivalent of 1.7 million motorists.

3% said motorists “should do whatever they can to get money out of insurers”.

Fortunately, despite the big numbers, they are in the minority: the poll also found that two-thirds of drivers believe personal injury lawyer cold calls should be outlawed, 61% feel people should only claim for an injury they miss work or find their lives directly affected – and 65% agree with the Government; minor injury claims are making car insurance pricier for us all.

Gocompare.com car insurance expert Lee Griffin said: “Fraudulent and exaggerated claims add to the cost of car insurance for all drivers and we welcome the Transport Committee’s recommendations which seek to curb the spiraling costs associated with such claims.

“Unfortunately, with some personal injury lawyers offering attractive inducements there’s no surprise that some drivers are persuaded to make costly claims despite being relatively unharmed by their accident.”

His solution? “There need to be much tougher rules in place to prevent professionals from turning minor accidents into major personal injury claims in the pursuit of higher profits.”

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