Drink-drive worries for motorists

1 in 5 drivers admit ‘morning after’ worries

Drink-drive worries for motorists1 in 5 motorists suspect they may have driven while over the limit the morning after a night of heavy drinking, a new AA poll has revealed.

Many have used some dubious methods to try and reduce alcohol levels too: more than a third say drinking lots of water will reduce the risk of being caught over the limit, and 16 per cent will eat a fried breakfast.

3 per cent believe going for a run will reduce blood alcohol levels, and 2 per cent think drinking Irn-Bru is a cure.

Most drivers focus on the night before rather than the morning after: half of drivers will avoid drink driving by agreeing a designated driver the night before, something AA president Edmund King said was encouraging.

“But it’s really important that they also consider arrangements for the morning after too. Alcohol levels in the body can still mean that drivers are over the limit the following morning and we want to ensure that people are fully aware of this.

“There are many urban myths and rituals used to try to counter hang-overs and reduce blood alcohol levels but the only save method is to drink less or give adequate time for the alcohol to leave your system.

“The same penalties, such as a minimum year’s ban, for drink driving apply the morning after as they do the night before.”

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