1 in 4 MINI owners waste TLC one-off cost servicing pack

MINI TLC26% of MINI owners who pay for the TLC servicing pack are wasting money, the firm has revealed – because they pay for servicing outside the MINI network when there’s still credit left on their TLC pack.

So to help make sure owners don’t waste free servicing opportunities, the firm has launched a new website that lets MINI owners check if they have any TLC credit remaining.

The TLC scheme has been a part of MINI from the model’s original launch back in 2002. It was the first all-inclusive service pack and, at the time, many thought it was too good to be true: certainly a launch incentive that would be too expensive to run permanently.

12 years on, it’s still here.

Today, prices start from £275, and it covers all servicing costs for five years or 50,000 miles. It’s as tempting as ever: 97% of MINI buyers choose it as an option when buying their car.

So, why are so many lettimng TLC credit go unused? Well, it could possibly be through owners forgetting the deal lasts so long – assuming that once three years is up, they have to go elsewhere to keep routine maintenance affordable.

But more likely, it’s probably secondhand MINI buyers not thinking to check the (fully transferrable) TLC scheme has any credit remaining, and not even thinking to check the official MINI dealer franchise.

Not any more, hopes MINI…


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