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TVR starts taking £5,000 deposits on new 2017 car

TVR logoReborn British sports car company TVR has revealed it is beginning to take deposits from buyers keen to get one of the first all-new cars due in 2017.

Although the new car has yet to be seen even in concept form, an “incredible public response” has encouraged the firm to act and start securing firm pre-orders.

‘Outstanding’ all-new TVR to arrive in 2017

Starting July 7th 2015, TVR will accept £5,000 deposits from all interested parties, with the proviso that further detailed specifications will be established later on.

John Chasey, operations director of TVR, said: “We’ve been totally blown away by the reaction to the new car.

“Our phone lines and online enquiry system went into meltdown when the news was announced, and we decided that we must begin to bring a structure to the enquiries and build a delivery pipeline well in advance of production.

“Volumes in year one will be limited as we ramp up production, so this allows us to reward those individuals prepared to make a financial commitment at this early stage.”

The new car will be designed in association with Gordon Murray Design and will use a Cosworth V8 engine. Initial production from 2017 is expected to be in the low hundreds, before ramping up in subsequent years.

TVR rewards Car Club members

Les Edgar TVR

There’s an added bit of good news for TVR Car Club members, this year celebrating its 50th year.

Anyone who has been a member of the club for six months or more will be able to place a reduced deposit of £2,500 for one of the early cars – with the same promise that they’ll get one of the early production run cars.

Les Edgar, chairman of TVR (pictured above), said: “We feel it is important to reward those people who have been such enthusiastic ambassadors for the TVR brand.

“The club is a wonderfully active and loyal community of people who simply love the cars, so it seems fitting that they should be offered a reduced deposit and a promise of some of the early production units.”

Anyone interested in placing a deposit on the new 2017 TVR should head to the brand’s website for more information.