Nissan Juke 1 million

Nissan has now built 1 million Juke in Britain

Nissan Juke 1 millionEight years after its launch, the Sunderland-built Nissan Juke is still selling well: the firm is celebrating the production of the 1 millionth Juke at its huge British factory.

The landmark total means the Juke is the fourth Sunderland-built Nissan to hit the 1 million milestone, following the Primera (1.5 million), Micra (2.4 million) and Qashqai (3 million).

Despite its advancing years, Nissan still enjoys enough demand for the Juke to produce one every 105 seconds: 95,000 of them were sold in Europe last year. As with the Qashqai, it just goes to show what success you can have by inventing a car sector.  

Nissan Juke 1 million

“Eight years ago we had never seen anything like the Juke before,” said Kevin Fitzpatrick, Nissan Europe senior vice president for manufacturing. “Fast forward to today and we have one million customers and Juke remains the segment leader.

“It’s terrific to see that the 2018 model, with all its improvements and personalisation options, is as popular as the version that rolled off the line for the first time in 2010.” 

Nissan Juke 1 million

The 1 millionth Nissan Juke was a Vivid Blue one, a recently-added colour to the range. However, most Juke buyers across Europe actually pick black paint. Most of them choose a black interior too, although they’re not short on choice: interior configurability is among the 23,000 individual options Juke buyers can choose from.

Today’s Nissan Juke range starts from £15,195 and current Nissan offers include three years’ 0 percent finance and payments of £179 a month on the Juke 1.2 DiG-T 115 Bose Personal Edition.