Mondeo Man is dead – long live ‘Golf John’

Golf John leasing

Car buying habits have changed hugely in recent years, and long-used stereotypes simply don’t apply anymore. The latest motoring cliche to officially become a relic is ‘Mondeo Man’. He’s been replaced, according to industry experts, by ‘Golf John’.

Enquiry data collated by Contract Hire and Leasing suggests that the typical personal car leasing customer in 2018 was between 35 and 44 years old, a male living in London and searching for a Volkswagen Golf. 

Apparently, John searches for his cars on his iPhone and prefers a 10,000-mile lease deal with a big up-front deposit and low monthly payments.

Golf John leasing

The Mondeo was the everyman champion of the UK motor industry in the late 1990s and mid-2000s. And Mondeo Man was the paint-by-numbers car buyer. Now, it seems, the Golf is the masses’ lease purchase of choice.

Other car leasing insights

Golf John leasing

In terms of the most-leased marques, however, Volkswagen doesn’t come out top. It’s Mercedes-Benz that we’re the most keen to get on tick, with the A-Class, C-Class and E-Class taking three of the top five slots in 2018.

Diesel engines, despite experiencing their first leasing decline in 2018, are also stronger overall for leasing buyers than more generally in the new car market. Enquiries dipped to 45 percent, but that compares to 29.5 percent overall last year.

Golf John leasing

Personal contract hire continues to be the strongest form of new car finance, bucking the market trend of decline and growing by five percent.

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